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Name: Fridde
Age: 16
B'Day: November 7th 1991
Occupation: (Bottrop-)Kirchhellen, Germany

Music: The Lee Bailey Project, Blazin' Squad, Christina Milian, The Click Five, Head Automatica, Rihanna, Cassie, Beyoncé, My Chemical Romance, The Hoosiers, Hellogoodbye, Incubus, Panic! At The Disco, The Backstreet Boys, Kelly Clarkson, Guster & more..

Actresses: Jessica Alba, Angelina Jolie, Ashley & Mary-Kate Olsen
Actors: Hayden Christensen, Johnny Depp, Bruce Willis, Nicolas Cage, Wentworth Miller

Movies: Armageddon, Pirates Of The Caribbean (1-3), Be Cool, High School Musical (1 & 2), Save The Last Dance, The Man Of The House, Pulse (American version), I Am Legend, Life As A House, Star Wars (especially 2 & 3), Happy Feet
Series: Supernatural, Prison Break, House M.D., Criminal Minds

Long Version

Actually, I am not very well in describing myself or even writing descriptions about anyone, but I think I will start like this: My name is Friederike, but almost everyone calls me Fridde and if I'm honest that is what I prefer people to call me. I am a 16 year old girl living in Bottrop-Kirchhellen which is located in Germany - Maybe someone knows the German amusement park Movie Park or whatever they named it.
Although school is really not my favorite thing to do, I am doing well and I have a passion for English. I do listen to music quite often and love to read a song's lyrics. While I am listening to my favorite CDs, performed by musicians like Blazin' Squad, The Click Five, My Chemical Romance or Christina Milian, I sing and dance along, but I am not a good singer or dancer though. I also have a passion for photography, graphic- & webdesign. I just love to design icons, layouts, signatures and wallpapers and I think I improved myself a lot to become what I have become. It is due to my practical training I could do at a company which offers internet solutions such as webdesign, I had the big chance to improve my skills and knowledge about CSS and HTML coding and stuff like that.
Besides all my love for programming, photography and English, I do love spending time with my friends who are all amazing people with strong personalities and always there for me when I am down. We meet regularly, spend our breaks at school together, play games such as SingStar and watch movies like High School Musical which is one of my favorite movies.

After all I think I am a very nice and kind girl who, unfortunately, is a bit too shy, but if I spend some time with new people, I will be open and more extrovert and time will mean tons of fun with me. If you would like to ask me some questions or would like to get to know me better, feel free to add me, write comments and messages and you will definitely receive a quick reply!
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