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Well, I haven't been online here for quite a while and I want to apology for not blogging and not updating. It was not a matter of time or a lack of icons, but I just didn't feel like adding all those new icons I've made to this site since I made a lot of new icons.
Right after finishing this new layout, I thought about closing this site, but I never dared to since I really like it and it means a lot to me. I just wished I had more visitors, haha.. xD
Seriously, Headlight.Disco's main site, Reminiscence, will move to a new host and so will HD. I found a better host and want an easier system to add my icons because the way I do it takes a lot of time.

Anyway, before moving I won't add new icons, but if you want to see updates, you can have a look at Unwritten Panic, which is my English LiveJournal. I often blog and update there, so everything will be fine.
I also have a new affiliate: Heart Shape Box.
This site is amazing and you should really visit it. It's an icon collective, just like HD and has a wonderful layout, beautiful icons and lovely webmistress ^-^*

Hope to see you soon.
- Fridde xx
Fridde am 10.6.08 19:34


As you can see, Headlight.Disco has a new design up and looks different now. I told you in my last entry that I wanted something new, although I still liked the old layout. I just needed something new, you know.
I made the coding today in the early morning, okay, not really early, but it was in the morning. I must confess that I love the colors and the image that's shown as a header. BTW, there's an image of Gerard Way shown in the layout as Latest Icon. I made that icon last night and will add it tomorrow or next week with a whole bunch of new icons. You could call it an "icon-wave" because there are so many new icons, some new subjects I worked on and lots of different styles I tried to view in my latest work. Yeah. Yeah. I tried to make something new, new colors, new effects, new whatsoever and I think things turned out well, so be excited about the new stuff that's coming to you soon.

See you, folks.
Fridde am 3.5.08 16:55

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