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I know it's been quite a while since I last updated and I guess some of you think I'm a very lazy person, but I'm not. It wasn't like sitting here and doing nothing. I've been creating quite a lot new icons, looked for new pictures and subjects to use and work and and have been participating in challenges and contests at LiveJournal.com. I'll show you all icons later and will add everything to the site, but I have to wait until the challenges are over, the votings are finished and the awards are given to the winners and then I can add all icons to Headlight.Disco.
Because I can't add the icons yet, I'm currently working on a new layout because I can't see this one anymore. It's nice and I like, but I need something new, something fresh and different, you know..
I'll be back with the new design and a huge update soonly.

In the meantime I will look for new affiliates and will prepare another icon contest. Yeah, yeah. I'm not lazy.
Fridde am 22.4.08 17:33

Winner & Awards

I am pretty fast these days, whoohoo. Maybe it is because my computer was repaired yesterday and the computer pro spent two hours working and struggleing with my computer, that weirdo thing.
Everything is much faster now and I do not have any problems anymore, but I had to install all programmes again. However, no datas, folders or any other stuff was missing, so that was great.

Because the voting for the Hayden Christensen Icon Contest ended today, I created the awards half an hour after the deadline. I think they look pretty good, haha..
Anyway, congratulations to all winners who made it and could win an award and thank you to all those who joined and participated, but could not win an award!! I think all icons were great..no, not just great, but amazing!!
All icons will be added to a special contest page on this site, so they can be seen by the whole world (or only those people who have a good look at this site, haha..)!!

By the way, there are two winners for the Best Coloring Special Award, just so you know ^-^*

Winner & Awards!!

I know it might seem unfair to some of you and maybe it looks a bit strange that two people won a lot of awards, but every vote was weighted just once and everything was fairly done.
I will make a second contest really soon, so check back to join. Maybe there are more creative designers who will participate next time ^-^*

New icons will be added this weekend or at the very beginning of next week. I have created a lot new icons with new subjects and all that kind of business, so there will be a huge update soonly.

Fridde xx
icon.reminiscence am 4.4.08 20:19

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